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Passenger String Quartet:

Elevating Modern Music

Experience the Passenger String Quartet, a cutting-​edge ensemble transforming the world of strings. ​We merge the timeless beauty of classical music ​with the vibrant pulse of contemporary and pop ​genres, partnering with renowned artists for ​electrifying collaborations. With a history of ​international tours and major label recordings, we ​deliver a fresh and dynamic sound that captivates ​audiences worldwide.

PSQ is founded by the award winning violinist ​and composer Andrew Joslyn, who has ​worked with such artists and ensembles such ​as the Seattle Symphony, Jackson ​Symphony, Michael Bolton, Kesha, Duff ​McKagan, and many others.

There are several ways to work with us:

Performance Calendar:

August 8 - Sonic Guild: Summer Strings Concert

PSQ backing various artist grant receipents at ​Volunteer Park. 6-8 PM

September 10 - Downtown Summer Sounds ​Finale Concert

Typhoon featuring the Passenger String Quartet at ​Westlake Park. 4:30-6 PM

November 1 - BIMA After-hours

Shelby Earl featuring the Passenger String Quartet

December 20 - John Van Deusen with the ​Passenger String Quartet (TBD)

Live String Recording

We’ve recorded on hundreds of projects from major labels, ​independent labels, in studio radio sessions, and much ​more. Please contact us to learn more.

Live String Performance

Passenger String Quartet performs a wide variety of original ​innovative arrangements, compositions, and covers ranging ​from classical, pop, rock, film/tv, and much more.

Artist Collaboration

PSQ has collaborated with over a hundred different artists ​including Macklemore, Judy Collins, Kygo, Jeremy Enigk, ​David Bazan, Suzanne Vega and many more..

Ambiance + Mood Setting

Need music for your corporate event, wedding, or Video ​game themed convention? We have you covered! Reach ​out, since we would love to hear from you on how we could ​help!

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